MOSLEY BAR – British Indie Guitar Pop Is Still Alive And Kicking…

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‘Royalties’ EP by MOSLEY BAR

MOSLEY BAR is a vibrant, fresh quartet from Skelmersdale, North West England. They formed in 2015 and will release their second 4-track EP titled ROYALTIES on 15 May.
I fearfully wondered if the band decided to write songs about the unworldly British Royal Family. Well, not really: “When each of the songs were first written and we had no names for them, we called them each after a member of the ‘Royal Family’ for example we had ‘Liz’, ‘Philip’ (which stuck!) Harry, etc! And we thought we would use ‘Royalties’ for the EP name because of the connection and hoped to get some ‘Royalties’ back in the form of money!”

And the music? As British as you can get. Sparkling and catchy feel good guitar pop fueled with glimmering guitars, a powerful rhythm section and brisk vocals. No special effects, just four sticky electric sparks with some echoes of early Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. Vitalizing Britpop will never vanish as long as talented and inspired youngsters like this four-piece pick up a guitar and start a band. Find out for yourself here…

MOSLEY BAR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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