BAD MANNEQUINS – High Voltage Two-Piece Release Blazing Stroke ‘BUZZ KILLER SKINNY GENE’…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Buzz Killer Skinny Gene’ by BAD MANNEQUINS

BAD MANNEQUINS is fierce Glasgow noise duo Ross Hamilton (lead vocals, guitar) and Jamie McGrory (drums, vocals). The pair started this new project after having been in a previous band together. Their debut EP – the first of a trilogy – ‘Deny Til U Die Part I‘ will
be released on 2nd June via Triple Denim. The band just shared the first steamrolling track. BUZZ KILLER SKINNY GENE is a supersonic garage rock hot rod on high-speed and almost exploding when the dynamite chorus kicks in. A blasting bolide sounding as if The Strokes finally go apeshit after all these years. Steamy stuff! Press the button, release the beast…

BAD MANNEQUINS: Facebook – Twitter

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