THE 89 – Killing Garage Groove With New Track ‘UNDER THE GUN’…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Under The Gun’ by THE 89

THE 89 is the musical brainchild made up of French singer ‘M’ and British guitarist Rich. The pair, based in France, first met in London during the summer of 2014. The duo had my attention instantly with their dark & cutting debut single TAPE DEAD LIGHT released last March. Now here’s the brand new, second track from their upcoming debut EP. UNDER THE GUN is a magnetizing repetitive garage groove that gets under your skin faster than you can say ‘Trump is an idiot.‘ Definitely inspired by the fab The Kills, the reverbing guitar riffs combined with the pair’s sensuously vocal harmonies and the excitatory chorus turns this glowing trigger into an irresistible cracker. Get the infectious beat here…

THE 89: Website – Bandcamp – Twitter

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