FOURTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-In-May-2017…

Fourteen knockouts I played on repeat in May!
A stellar mix of groovy vibes and electric havoc
that energized all my senses this past month!
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘Sissy Fists’ by QUEEN ZEE AND THE SASSTONES (Liverpool, England)
Wicked band name, mental look and a crushing debut single! Ace stuff!

2/ ‘Governed By Contagions’ by AT THE DRIVE IN (El Paso, Texas, US)
Red-hot post punks back with a stream of adrenaline…
New album: ‘in•ter a•li•a’ – stream here

3/ ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ by ROYAL BLOOD (Brighton, England)
Two men army on a mission to break down the wall-of-sound…
New album: ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ – out 16 June – details here

4/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPI DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Dark and loud side of multi-faced musician Mauro Pawlowski is back…
New album: In Inhuman Hands‘ – discover the madness here

5/ ‘Beehive‘ by MARK LANEGAN BAND (Washington, US)
Mark Lanegan still – three decades into his career – causes sonic goosebumps!…
New album: Gargoyle‘ – enjoy here

6/ ‘Little Boy Blue’ by MILLIONAIRE (Belgium)
Eccentric artist Tim Van Hamel & Millionaire return after 12 years and groove like hell…
New album:Sciencing‘ – experience it here

7/ ‘Oo La La’ by BETH DITTO (Arkansas, US)
Non-stop party time with the ex-Gossip frontwoman…
Album:Fake Sugar‘ – out 16 June – details here

8/ ‘Get High (No, I Don’t) by MAXIMO PARK (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)
Highly catchy rocker that will vitalize your limbs from start to finish…
New album: ‘Risk To Exist’ – stream here

9/ ‘School Me’ by THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Schizophrenic outburst of manic psychedelia – ‘Close the door and turn up the music…’
Debut album:Transgressors’ – catch it here on Bandcamp

10/ ‘Captain’s Dead’ by THE COATHANGERS (Atlanta, Georgia, US)
Amplified garage pop electricity that will excite your body & soul instantly…
New EP: ‘Parasite‘ – play it loud here on Bandcamp

11/ ‘Riff’ by TOTTY (Wollongong, NSW, Australia)
Grunge-fueled stroke with a vibrant flow, energetic vocals and an overall catchy vibe…

12/ ‘Frankie’ by THE COURTNEYS (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Vivacious and irresistible garage pop earworm that sticks after one play…
New album: ‘II’ – jump to it here on Bandcamp

13/ ‘If Before I Wake’ by THE DISTRICTS (Lititz, Pennsylvania, US)
Enthralling and emotional epicness. Welcome back…
New album:Popular Manipulations‘ – out via Fat Possum Records on 11 August

14/ ‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS (Canelones Department, Uruguay)
Chill out with this fascinating, psychedelic trance trip…
Debut album:Temporal’ – capture the whole journey here on Bandcamp

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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