JUANITA STEIN – A Natural Born Voice For Touching Melancholy…


JUANITA STEIN, singer-songwriter with Australian indie rockers Howling Bells is about
to release her first solo album AMERICA. It will be out on 28th July via Nude Records.
But first here’s the newest single from the upcoming longplayer. I’LL CRY is really a special
one. Stein explains: “‘I’ll Cry’ is a musical ode to the all American greats I took my cues from as
a budding songwriter. Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline and the work of Phil Spector, all of whom made a significant imprint on my heart, I’m forever channeling that soulful sadness. ‘I’ll Cry’ is a song that speaks of an impossible love, his resistance, her infatuation. Never a happy ending.”

This is heartbreaking melancholy for the twilight hours. This is music to soundtrack your moody moments. This is music to be played on jukeboxes in late night bars where the lonely ones try to figure out if they still have a future. Juanita Stein‘s outstanding gloomy vox reminds me of Mazzy Star‘s singer Hope Sandoval. Two voices that make tristesse sound real, but in a way also very comforting. Here’s the touching pearl…

JUANITA STEIN: Facebook – Twitter

Artwork ‘America’ album – Out 28 July…

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