Your Noisy Summer Starts Here With… COCAINE PISS

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Piñacolalove’ by COCAINE PISS

The loudest and coolest Belgian noisemakers in ages are without a shadow of a doubt: COCAINE PISS. They are not about classic songwriting. They are about boisterous havoc. They are not dealing with the birds and the bees. They deal with extreme emotions. Their sonic outbursts rarely last more than 2 minutes. Exorcistic, fierce and most of all loud and clear. This 4-piece turbo is so intense that you’ll never forget them after you heard and/or saw them once. An explosive hardcore steamroller causing a turbulent body and mind turnaround on record and on stage (I know, I already experienced them several times) with frontgirl Aurélie Poppins communicating with members of the crowd eye-to-eye
and head-to-head. After last year’s knockout debut album THE DANCER (produced by
the legendary Steve Albini) this sensational four-piece will return on 14th July with brand new 8-track EP PIÑACOLALOVE via Hypertension Records. Until then you can torture your speakers with the same-titled lead single. Oh, yes, it’s gonna be a rowdy summer…

It begins with a thought
And my brain gets all fuzzy
My stomach starts to burn
The room is getting smaller
My palms are getting sweaty
I can feel my heart beating
The room is getting smaller
Take my hand
Help me switch
Get me some
My gums are starting to bleed
You are too cute to be true
You are just what I need
The room is getting smaller

COCAINE PISS: Facebook – You Tube – Tour Dates

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