MY 2017 ALL STAR TEAM – So Far! 17 Dope Tracks…

Best tracks of 2017… so far
Seventeen towering tracks
Sonic food for body and soul
Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘I’d Kill For Her’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (Austin, Texas)
Mind-boggling electricity fueled with haunting riffs and a flaming chorus…
AlbumDeath Song

2/ ‘Vessels’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
Wacky electro-escapism-rock for all outsiders on this troubled planet…
Album: Interplanetary Class Classics

3/ ‘Too Much To Love’ by TOMZACK (United Kingdom)
Creepy groove, psycho vocals and crushing finale!…

4/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPO DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Demonic noise rock trip with the brilliant Mauro Pawlowski & his freaky gang…
Album: In Human Hands

5/ THICK GIRLS KNOCK ME OUT (Richard Starkey) by THE DANDY WARHOLS (Portland)
The groove experts still score the smoking way we all like to go bananas to…

6/ ‘Yuk Foo’ by WOLF ALICE (London, UK)
Extremely furious outburst that will strike you straight in the face…
Album: ‘Visions Of A Life’ – out 29 September

7/ ‘Professional Dreamer’ by SLEEPTALKING (Bristol, UK)
A heavily brisk roller-rock-coaster from these electrifying British newcomers…
EP: 4-track debut Oh, Isn’t It Strange?

8/ ‘Forever Sounds’ by LINN KOCH-EMERY (Stockholm, Sweden)
Perfect pop debut that will play on repeat in your hungry head after one listen…

9/ ‘Hit The Bottle’ by THE PEARL HARTS (United Kingdom)
Stirring and red-hot sledgehammer to mess up your speakers…
Debut album coming soon via Pledge Music

10/ ‘Bless This Acid House’ by KASABIAN (Leicester, UK)
Leicester‘s ardent party animals doing what they do best…
Album: For Crying Out Loud

11/ ‘Roman God-Like Man’ by TEMPLES (Kettering, England)
Glamorous guitar pop stroke with a glorious T.Rex touch…
Album: Volcano

12/ ‘Alabaster’ by ALL THEM WITCHES (Nashville, TN, US)
A sonic psych serpent that creeps slowly but surely under your skin…
Album: Sleeping Through War

13/ ‘If Before I Wake’ by THE DISTRICTS (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Amplified, emotional rock grandeur with an epic swagger…
Album: Popular Manipulations

14/ ‘New Religion’ by GOLD CONNECTIONS (Charlottesville, Virginia, US)
One-man band Will Marsh hits you with monumental intensity and blustery passion…
EP: self-titled debut – here on Bandcamp

15/ ‘I Promise’ by RADIOHEAD (Oxfordshire, UK)
The masters of melancholia made me cry when I heard this pearl for the first time…
Album: OK Computer – Reissue – 1997/2017

16/ ‘Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young)’ by THE FLAMING LIPS (Oklahoma, US)
Sonic fairytale for sensitive hearts and romantic souls…
Album: Oczy Mlody

17/ ‘Temporal’ by LAS COBRAS (Canelones, Uruguay)
Chill-out psychedelia with a dark and sensual South-American vibe …
Album: Temporal

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