CHAMBERS – Join Their Metallic Glam Doom Path ‘DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE’…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ by CHAMBERS

Attention! Here’s CHAMBERS. A British female two-piece turbo with growling frontwoman Aeris Houlihan on guitar and hammering Eleanor Cara Churchill on drums. They will make your poor head going uncontrollably nuts with their brand new uppercut wallop DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE. A dark sonic version of Alice In Wonderland. Imagine Al Jourgensen‘s legendary industrial metal gang Ministry after extensive sex surgery. Oh, bloody yeah!
This nightmarish sister-doom duo thunders like a roaring runaway train producing tons
of decibels while injecting their tumultuous escapade with piercing Kurt Cobain screams. Mind-blowing dynamite. Open doors and windows and make your speakers go paranoid…

CHAMBERS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Cool artwork for the single – ‘Lizzie Bunny’ by Anna Bean

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