DEAP VALLY Surprises With Gripping Unplugged Version Of ‘TURN IT OFF’…

‘Turn It Off’ by DEAP VALLY

As an homage to the nineties the utterly cool & noisy blues rock ladies of DEAP VALLY decided to record an EP with four of their favorite songs of last year’s booming album FEMEJISM stripped to the bone. John Stavas created a moony clip for TURN IT OFF, one
of the four tracks chosen to play without electricity. It also happens to be my fav one. If you never ever heard of this amazing duo nor the song in question you probably would say that Patti Smith just shared an unreleased and unknown track which she recorded somewhere, some time in a dark smoky bar with David Bowie on saxophone. Yes, that good! Genuine tenderness! Relax, open that delicious bottle of red Bordeaux, dim the lights, light some candles and press the button, here’s some honest sentiment…

DEAP VALLY: Website – Facebook – Instagram



Available on: iTunes

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