The Perfect Soundtrack To Start A Moshpit In Hell – Here’s… LA JUNGLE

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


25 July 2017

Artist: LA JUNGLE (Mons, Belgium)

Who: a deranged duo with a six strings guitar, a casio keyboard and a drumkit


Sound: this blasting bolide creates mind-crushing havoc that makes your head go 360°. I’m damn sure they’re able to wake up the dead with their volcanic kraut-dance-punk molotov cocktails. Drummer Reggie has four arms with ten fingers on each hand. He’s a supersonic sledgehammer. A one-man rumpus army. Next to him guitarist & keyboardist Jim acts like a psycho who just managed to get out of his straitjacket and celebrates his freedom in a most exhaustive way, so he needs psychiatric assistance again afterwards. Together they’re a high-voltage noise machine pumping the decibels up even more
when hitting a stage. Let’s go to hell…

LA JUNGLE: Facebook – Website

Discover some more freakish madness
on their newest album ‘II’

LA JUNGLE: Facebook – Website

Last week… messing up my hometown Ghent (BE) with big bangs…

…and blazing electricity

(gig pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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