THE DOORS – Breakthrough Classic ‘LIGHT MY FIRE’ Made Them Stars 50 Years Ago Today…

When timeless in sound and vision…


Fifty years ago today – 29 July 1967 – THE DOORS scored their first US number one hit single. LIGHT MY FIRE landed on the top spot of the charts that day and stayed there for three weeks. Suddenly they became the hottest band on the planet. Maybe, except for
the hardcore fans of course, many don’t know that this sultry grand slam was written by guitarist Robby Krieger with additional lyrics from Morrison and arrangements from the rest of the band. It was the first song he ever wrote for the L.A. legends, saying at the time “It’s like I’d saved up all these ideas in my mind and got them out all at once. Jim had this idea
of the band being a shooting star.
The track ran for seven minutes on their self-titled debut album, but was cut down to three for radio play. The rest is tremendous musical history…

Short version

Long (live) version

THE DOORS: Biography – Discography

Glorious history…

Glorious debut album…

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