Anniversary Albums – MIDNIGHT OIL – 30 Years Ago – 2 August 1987…


Album: DIESEL AND DUST – their sixth LP

Released: 2 August 1987 – 30 years ago today

Review: click here for Rolling Stone Magazine‘s opinion

Note: Probably the most environment supporting band ever / reunited in 2016 and touring the world right now – 2017 Tour Dates

Anecdote: In the summer of 1993 I was on a holiday with my family in Leysin, Switzerland high in the mountains. A 3-day rock festival was held there (which I knew beforehand of course). On the 2nd day (11 July) Midnight Oil performed late at night (they released Earth And Sun And Moon LP a couple of months before). It had been really bad weather all day and all night and soon after the group took the stage a spectacular thunder and lightning storm broke out (always special when it happens high up a mountain). But the band played on and all spectators stayed as we all witnessed a once in a lifetime experience. The combination of nature going wild, the band’s concern for mother earth and their incredible energy that night was just phenomenal and made perfect sense…

Top Track (everyone knows this one): BEDS ARE BURNING

Full album…

MIDNIGHT OIL: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Still have my ticket…

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