THE TENFIVESIXTY With Tender-Hearted Vibrations For The Twilight Hours…

‘I Can Smell Smoke’ by THE TENFIVESIXTY


Location: London, UK

Who: Rick Hornby and Jen Devereux – a remarkable duo making “music that can be anything you want it to be. Let them draw you into their world, and they will make you dance with a broken heart. Others will see them and need them in different ways, but you can make them your own. Because transparency is pointless when you can have magic.”


Score: this a bewitching combination of an enchanting voice and poetic guitar lines.
Like a young Emmylou Harris vox assisted by Mark Knopfler on guitar with a modern
touch of The xx. Romantic and tender-hearted vibrations for the twilight hours.

THE TENFIVESIXTY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

‘I Can Smoke’ is part of the band’s newest 4-track E.P.
Experience the night here in full…


Available on iTunes

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