THE VIGNETTES – Scottish Newcomers With Swinging Debut Single ‘YOUNG BOHEMIANS’…

Vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Who: an up-and-coming band in the heart of Glasgow,
intent on delivering high-energy performances


What they say: the band’s debut single “is about being young and alive and just being a kook and having a good time because there isn’t much time anyway – so one may as well get loose and free” says frontman/guitarist Hamish Swanson with a Franz Ferdinand & glam era Bowie feel mixed with Paul Simon’s Graceland groove

What Turn Up The Volume! says: The Vignettes are thrilling newcomers with a glorious debut score. A tremendously groovy stroke with an exotic touch and a ‘talking about my generation’ vibration. An addictive cracker that screams Let’s Party, Right Here, Right Now. Definitely a must follow band for the future…

THE VIGNETTES: Facebook – In Black Records

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