THROWING MUSES Released Fourth Album ‘RED HEAVEN’ 25 Years Ago…

Remembering great moments in sonic history…


Album: RED HEAVEN – 4th LP – first after Tanya Donelly left

Released: 11 August 1992 – 25 years ago today

Review: by All Music

Score: legendary singer/songwriter and The Muses
frontlady Kristin Hersch on a dazzling roll…

Three Top Tracks : Firepile / Rosetta Stone / Dio

FIREPILE – powered swagger…

ROSETTA STONE – glowing drive…

DIO – rousing duet with Bob Mould…

Full album

KRISTIN HERSCH: Website – Facebook – Discography Throwing Muses

Wonderful Kristin…


My precious souvenir – Throwing Muses
in my hometown Ghent, Belgium
6 October 1992 – glorious concert…


  1. Dave · August 12, 2017

    The Throwing Muses were always the background noise / sound tract of my life way back when. And for that, I thank you. Thinking back- those were the best days of my life. Music still echos in the background these days as I live day to day. But nothing like that. To be honest, I wish I possesed the skills to quiet most of the songs that haunt my inner playlist these days. I prefere the days when your songs uncontrolable haunted the back of my mind.

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