Summer Is Not Over Yet! Scream And Dance 24/7 With TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Blistering Party Mix…

Summer is not over yet, here’s a blistering soundtrack
mind-boggling grooves, nasty hooks and red-hot vibes…
Open doors & windows, turn up the volume to the max
and start a sonic revolution in the streets with these…
fifteen irresistible party knockouts – bloody hell yeah!

1/ ‘Stop’ by BLACK REBEL MOTORCYLCE CLUB (San Francisco, US)
Unstoppable wah-wah bolide going really fast and furious…
Album: Take Them On, On Your Own

2/ ‘Nothing New To Trash Like You’ by THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE (Berlin, EU)
Trashy psych-o-delic injection to scare your neighbourhood at night…
Album: Don’t Get Lost

3/ ‘The Rabies Are Back’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
Electro disco madness for funky werewolves…
Album: Interplanetary Class Classics

4/ ‘Zipperface’ by The Pop Group (Bristol, UK)
Saturday night fever à la legendary prostitutes The Pop Group
Album: Honeymoon On Mars

5/ ‘LC Over Lithuania’ by GRUPPO DI PAWLOWSKI (Antwerp, Belgium)
Demonic noise rock trip for voodoo junkies…
Album: In Human Hands

6/ ‘Little Boy Blue’ by Millionaire (Belgium)
This nasty groove will haunt you forever and ever…
Album: Sciencing

7/ ‘Be My Bitch’ by Madonnatron (London, UK)
Don’t mess with this up and coming bitchy madonna’s…
Album: Madonnatron (debut LP)

8/ ‘I’m A Man Too’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Whirlwind glam punk ecstasy to go bananas to…
Album: Glow In The Dark

9/ ‘Mona Lisa’ by  Atlas Wynd (Brighton, England)
Glowing garage roller rock coaster – flaming score…

10/ ‘Oo La La’ by Beth Dido (Searcy, Arkansas, US)
Simply FANTASTIQUE! Activate your limbs, folks…
Album: Fake Sugar

11/ ‘Hahehiho’ by LA JUNGLE (Namur, Belgium)
Fully powered electro-dance-punk engine on an insane escapade…

12/ ‘Man Cat Doll Machine’ by FERAL FIVE (London, Uk)
You can’t have any excuse to stay away from the dance floor when you hear this…
EP: Man Cat Doll Machine

13/ ‘Heat’ by KOY (St.Petersburg/Berlin)
Adventurous electro delirium fused with appealing Björkesque vocals…

14/ ‘Grunge Bond’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Even unplugged, the coolest duo on the planet fuels your bloodstream…
EP: Femejism Unplugged

15/ Against The Rich’ by Warhaus (Belgium)
Belgian Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin kicking against the fucking elite…
Album: We Fucked A Flame Into Being

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