PIXIES – Playing Energizing loudQuietloud Bossa Nova Music 27 Years Ago…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Weekend Beat(s): : BOSSANOVA – 3rd album
Released: 27 years ago on 13 August 1990…
Reviews: by Rolling Stone and Classic Rock Review
Note 1: melodic rock at its punky best – like frontman Francis Black once
said “you have punk rock, you have rock, you have blues, you have soul, it’s all disco.”
Note 2: I still have the cassette (somewhere hidden under all my other cassettes)…
Three Top Tracks: Velouria / Is She Weird? / Dig For Fire

VELOURIA – catchy scream along single…

IS SHE WEIRD? – nightmarish impact…

DIG FOR FIRE – great title, great flow…

It’s weekend, time to play this
disco record in full & on repeat…

PIXIES: Website – Facebook – Discography

Pixies – 1990…

Pixies – last week (Friday 4 August live in Belgium – more pics here )

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