THE DISTRICTS – New Album ‘POPULAR MANIPULATIONS’ Is Amplified With Anthemic Pulsations…

Experiencing band new music for the first time and…

Band: THE DISTRICTS (Lititz, Pennsylvania, US)

Album: POPULAR MANIPULATIONS – frontman Rob Grote explains the title: “It hints
at how people use each other, for good or bad, and the personal ways you manipulate
yourself and other people in day-to-day interactions”
Indeed, real life that is.

Released: 11 August 2017 – their 3rd LP

Turn Up The Volume‘s first impression: Everything, sound and lyrics, is more intense, more profound, more anthemic than their first two gripping albums. Give the record time to grow and it’ll capture your heart and soul. If you can catch them on tour don’t hesitate to discover their emotional life force. I’ve enjoyed their vital stage presence several times before (the header of this blog is a photo from the band’s concert in Belgium 2 years ago) and will do again next month in Brussels. Here’s an idea…


THE DISTRICTS: Website – Facebook – Tour Dates

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