Anniversary Albums – SUBSTANCE by NEW ORDER – Thirty Years Ago Today…

Remembering great moments in sonic history…


Album: SUBSTANCE 1987 – compilation CD by the Manchester legends with all the singles (the 12″ versions) at that point plus the respective B-sides. It also features the non-album hit single ‘True Faith‘ and its B-side ‘1963

Released: 17 August 1987 – thirty years ago today

Review: BBC Music wrote at the time: “In 1987 there were two records that stood head
and shoulders above the pack: ‘Substance’ by New Order and ‘Sign Of The Times’ by Prince.
Two double albums that defined the state of transatlantic dance music before E fully took sway and beats went forever baggy…
” !!! What can I say, I totally agree !!!

Three Top Tracks: Temptation / Everything’s Gone Green / True Faith

TEMPTATION – magical, just magical and catchy as bloody hell…

EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN – last collaboration with the late, genial Martin Hannett

TRUE FAITHNew Dance Order, not really Hooky‘s choice…

Full tracklist (CD edition)…
Side 1: Ceremony / Everything’s Gone Green / Temptation / Blue Monday / Confusion / Thieves Like Us / The Perfect Kiss / Sub-Culture / Shellshock / State of the Nation / Bizarre Love / Bizarre Love Triangle / True Faith
Side 2: In a Lonely Place / Procession / Cries and Whispers” (incorrectly labeled as ‘Mesh’) / Hurt / The Beach / Confused Instrumental / Lonesome Tonight / Murder / Thieves Like Us (instrumental) / Kiss of Death / Shame of the Nation / 1963

So happy togetherback then

My first NO gig…
Brussels 15 May 1981.
Before their debut LP

See you again this Saturday, Mister Hook, at W-Festival

Peter Hook & The Light – Leuven, Belgium – 26 January 2017…

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