Remembering great moments in sonic history…

Band: SLEATER-KINNEY (Olympia, Washington, US)

Album: ONE BEAT – their sixth LP

Released: 20 August 2002 – 15 years ago

Reviews: by Pitchfork and All Music

Quote: as NME‘s Victoria Segal said brilliantly: “Few bands could explore motherhood and terrorism without making you want to shoot them: Corin Tucker’s electric-shock voice and the adrenalin guitars make them essential pop topics…”

Essential lyrics: From Combat Rock. Highly relevant again: “Where is the questioning / Where is the protest song? / Since when is skepticism un-American? / The good old boys are back on top again / And if we let them lead us blindly / The past becomes the future once again”

My Three Top Tracks: Light Rail Coyote / One Beat / Combat Rock

LIGHT RAIL COYOTEstraight in your face

ONE BEAT – “a sonic push for energy“…

COMBAT ROCK America going the wrong way again

Full album …

SLEATER-KINNEY: Website – Facebook – Discography

Back again with more crushing beats…

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