Anniversary Albums – YAZOO – Top Synth Pop Debut LP Released 35 Years Ago…

Remembering great moments in sonic history…

Band: YAZOO (Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet)


Released: 20 August 1982 – 35 years ago

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote: “The ultimate Eighties synth-pop manifesto. Alison Moyet
was the brash girl singer with the soul pipes. Vince Clarke was the keyboard geek punching
the buttons. Together, they made an album full of club classics…”

Turn Up The Volume! says: A synth pop genius and an impressive blues voice conquering the dance floors around the globe with a record full of electro pop gems.

My Three Top Tracks: Don’t Go/ Bad Connection / Only You

* DON’T GO brilliant tune and catchy as hell = HIT…

* BAD CONNECTION Irresistible pop-stroke…

* ONLY YOU I can see about a hundred little stars in the sky right now…

Full Album

YAZOO: Discography
VINCE CLARKE (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure, solo) : Facebook
ALISON MOYET: Website Facebook

19 August 2017

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