Here’s QUEEN ZEE & THE SASSTONES – Hear What This Kooky Gang Wanna Do For The Rest Of Their Lives…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

Here are…


Who: Queen Zee, Em Dee, Frankie French, Lily ‘bit’ Furious and Courtney H8


Sound: last May I already reviewed here their flamboyant debut single Sissy Fists
and now these Liverpool outlaws return with another, spectacular punk wallop from
their upcoming EP. Adrenalizing, ecstatic and injected with tons of lust for life. Take
your eyeliner, press the button, join the action and I’m sure you’ll play this steamy
banger for the rest of your life. Hallelujah!…

QUEEN ZEE & THE SASSTONES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

‘Eat My Sass’ EP – out 22 September via Nice Swan Records

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