THE KELLEY DEAL 6000 Going BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! … Twenty Years Ago

Going back in sonic history…

Artist: THE KELLEY DEAL 6000 (yes, Kelley has a twin sister, but that
is not important right now right here, ladies and gents)


Released: 26 August 1997 – 20 years ago

Why I love B!B!B!: music for heart and soul sounding like it was recorded in one long
weekend take. No special effects, no cheap tricks, no arty farty nonsense. Magical at
times and jangling quietLoudquiet now and then. Enchanting record for the twilight
hours filled when romantic melancholia moments and mixed emotions take over…

Three Top Tracks: Brillo Hunt / Where Did The Home Team Go / When He Calls Me Kitten

* ‘BRILLO HUNT’ highly catchy, hooky, sparkling and Boom! Boom! Boom!

* ‘WHERE DID THE HOME TEAM GO’sweet, moody lullaby

* ‘WHEN HE CALLS ME KITTEN’ this is MAGIC… (also on soundtrack of 2002 movie May)

Album in full…

KELLEY DEAL: Facebook – Twitter

I think THE BREEDERS should back up Kelley to play, at least three tracks of this birthday album when they tour Europe this fall. Only for two shows, the ones I will attend of course: Amsterdam 22 October and Brussels 23 October. Do we have a deal, ladies?

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