THE NEW FAITH With An Epic Pop Symphony – Here’s ‘FRITTER AWAY’…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

30 August 2017


Who: hailing from Brighton this band is fronted by Will Charlton. A singer blessed
with a great baritone croon and a six-piece orchestra behind him

Track: FRITTER AWAY – their second single

Score: to be honest, I never heard of this collective until today, but I can tell you that the sonic acquaintance really feels great. Join me to listen for the umpteenth time to their new track that has all the right ingredients to be a solid gold hit. It’s an epic pop symphony. A melancholic diamond, richly arranged, superbly composed and dramatized with a heavy-hearted chorus. A towering tearjerker! Frontman Will Charlton‘s vox is quite special. Truly grand actually, sounding like a mix of Nick Cave, Richard Hawley and Matt Berninger‘s voices. Yes, that good! Come closer, have faith and experience this gloomy beauty…

THE NEW FAITH: Facebook – Twitter

More New Faith on 6 October…

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