COCTEAU TWINS Released Their Debut LP ‘GARLANDS… 35 Years Ago Today

Going back in sonic history…

1 September 2017

Band: COCTEAU TWINS (Scotland)

Album: GARLANDS – debut LP

Released: 1 September 1982 – 35 years ago today

Sounds wrote: “The fact of the matter is that the album is bloody good. A fluid frieze of wispy images made all the more haunting by Elizabeth’s distilled vocal maturity, fluctuating from a brittle fragility to a voluble dexterity with full range and power…”

Note: the band’s name ‘Cocteau Twins‘ was inspired by an obscure song by Johnnie and
the Self-Abusers
, later better know as Simple Minds

Turn Up The Volume!: says: Blueprint of their future cinematic and atmospheric sound escapades – music from another galaxy for 24/7 dreamers – sonic encounters of the third kind…

Two Top Tracks: But I’m Not / Hollow Men

* BUT I’M NOT gothic reverb sparks…

* HOLLOW MENhaunting and gloaming

Full album…

COCTEAU TWINS: Website – Facebook – Discography

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