Slow-Mo Drone That Gets Under Your Skin – From Toronto Here’s LOW SUN With… ‘ROUND SOUL’

Sonic havoc that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Home: Toronto, Canada
Their message: “It is amidst the mundane and familiar moments where light seems
eager to seep in and startle you from a spiritual pause. The finest way to pass the time
is to transcend it, to stumble drunkenly upon a fervent richness. These are reservoirs of impermanent bliss. Cradle them tightly. Care for them as you would your child, as you
would a smouldering ember between fires…”

S/O Track: ROUND SOUL – single from brand new album ‘Reservoir of Impermanent Bliss’.
A slow-moving rumble that infiltrate your bloodstream after a couple of listenings. Raw and cracking, sounding like that blues-folk engine called ‘Two Gallants‘ when turning up
the decibels. Press the button. Here we go…

Here’s the gloriously rackety LP ‘Reservoir of Impermanent Bliss’ in full on Bandcamp

LOW SUN: Bandcamp – Label: Art Of The Uncarved Block

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