Anniversary Albums – TALKING HEADS Released Their Stunning Debut LP ‘1977’ Forty Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

The name of this band is: TALKING HEADS

The name of this album is: 1977

The day of release was: 16 September 1977 – 40 years ago

The praise of the press: : Rolling Stone Magazine wrote at the time: “This is the band that had its early critics talking about minimalism and ‘Talking Heads’ do indeed triumph by the economy of their sound. But Byrne’s spare guitar patterns, Jerry Harrison’s modest keyboard fills, Martina Weymouth’s understated bass and Chris Frantz’ efficiently Spartan drumming convey a taut earnestness that’s bursting with energy. Vocally, Byrne’s live-wired personality vibrates his precise musical framework like a caged tiger rattling its bars. Exploring the
logic and disorientation of love, decision making, ambition and the need for selfishness,
he gropes for articulation like a metaphysician having difficulty computing emotions. For
me, the direct, crisp, jaunty Talking Heads and the abstracted, unrestrained, fiery Television stand as the Beatles and Rolling Stones of the restless, displaced Seventies. Not only is this
a great album, it’s also one of the definitive records of the decade…”

The story of the precious souvenir I have is: I was still a teenager on Saturday
14 January 1978 when my musical buddy presented me his new discovery. A band called Talking Heads, he couldn’t stop talking about it. After two or three spins I couldn’t stop talking about it. And then came the best news of the day. My friend found out that the band would play the day after in our country, Belgium. A memorable concert for several reasons. One: it was in the middle of nowhere, in a parochial ballroom in a very small village, in the West of Belgium, called Zedelgem. Two: only when the band was on stage me & my mate noticed that they were the same guys/girl who sat at our very table
in the cafeteria next to the cosy little venue, one hour before (yes, I sat next to Tina and David Byrne in front of me). Three: after all these years and a million concerts this one is still in my top 5! Unforgettable magic…

The name of the three top tracks are: Pulled Up / Psycho Killer / Uh-Oh, Love Comes

To Town

* PULLED UPthe 1st time I heard this I tought the singer would just explode in the end

* PSYCHO KILLERinevitable and imperishable, class AA groove

* UH-OH, LOVE COMES TO TOWN (w/ lyrics) – opening track and already Caribbean influences – irresistible beat…

The full album (original tracklist: #1-#11)

The band – 1977…

My precious ticket (I wonder if that ballroom still exists…)


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  1. lester · September 24, 2017

    Chris–You’re music always sounds great !

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