To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are… MIND RAYS

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

18 September 2017


Band: MIND RAYS (Ghent, Belgium)

Track: SUNBREAK – from their barbed wire debut album ‘Never Endings’

Score: This 4-piece garage steamroller rolls ferociously and rocks without mercy. Pushed by a throbbing bass/drums beat hell breaks loose from the moment maniacal frontman Sis Sevens shows his teeth and nasty guitar riffs start to punk it all up. The red-hot chorus does the rest. Sonic havoc to activate all your limbs and all of your senses. Choose your favorite brick wall, take your position and get ready to mess up your head…

If you’re still standing and know where you are, press the button and play
their roaring debut album NEVER ENDINGS in full here on Bandcamp


MIND RAYS: Facebook – Bandcamp – Label: Punk Slime Recordings

(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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