Happy 60 To Iconic Singer/Songwriter/Poet And Stunning Performer… NICK CAVE

NICHOLAS EDWARD CAVE was born in Warracknabeal, Australia on 22 September 1957. Happy 60 to a truly unique artist, an awe-inspiring singer/songwriter and an imposing performer with a highly impressive oeuvre. All the way from his destructive young years with the brilliantly chaotic THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, originally named The Boys Next Door, (1978 to 1983) to his long, astounding solo career (with and without his awesome band THE BAD SEEDS) and several collaborations and a few side projects (like Grinderman) in between NICK CAVE was and still is one of the most fascinating and creative personalities in rock and roll history ever. Here are (only) three (a near-impossible task to choose) of my favorite Cave masterstrokes…

* THE SHIP SONGyes, my wedding song

* DO YOU LOVE ME a gripping symphony for twilight moments

* PAPA WON’T LEAVE YOUR HENRYstriking live rendition in Amsterdam

NICK CAVE: Website – Facebook – Discography

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