FORNET – A Hypnotic Nowadays Interpretation Of The Best Part Of The Noisy And Adventurous Past…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

29 September 2017

Thanks to my musical buddy Didier – editor in chief of very popular Belgian music site Luminous Dash, I saw, heard and was blown away by one of the most fascinating discoveries of the year. FORNET is a truly must follow band for the future. An up and coming gang of Belgian youngsters producing a hypnotic, nowadays reinvention of spellbinding sounds of the best part of the noisy and adventurous past. Still in their
early twenties, they come up with a magnetizing mix of nasty Velvet Underground, some vitriolic 80s The Fall injected at times with early Pixies racket. Yes, that damn good! They played my hometown Ghent yesterday and they nailed it brilliantly! No special effects,
no-nonsense, just psychedelic krautrock fueled electricity, straight in your face. You
want proof? Here’s their brand new 5-track debut EP. Trust me, you’ll bloody love it…

FORNET: Facebook – Instagram

The men in black…

Back to the future…

(photos: JL/Turn Up the Volume! At KINKY STAR – Ghent, Belgium – 27 September 2017)

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