Anniversary Albums – 20 Years Ago Today THE VERVE Launched Their Masterpiece ‘URBAN HYMNS’…

Going back in sonic history…

29 September 2017


Album: URBAN HYMNS – their third longplayer

Released: 27 September 1997 – 20 years ago today

Anniversary re-issue: a deluxe 20th anniversary edition came out
a few weeks ago – all details, formats and order facilities here

NME’s tribute: ” ‘Urban Hymns’ had the right time/right place thing sorted – fag end of Britpop, wide-eyed endorsement from incumbent King of Rock Noel Gallagher – but in another sense it was timeless. Its unwithered status today is thanks to deathless anthems like ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ and ‘Lucky Man’ that will pass down the generations, tough-guy-with-a-heart ballads ‘Sonnet’ and ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, still affecting whatever their associations and a bruised bullish soul encapsulating Ashcroft, Captain Rock himself…”

Turn Up The Volume!: says: An epic magnum opus with several
outstanding symphonies…

Three Top Tracks (hard choice): Bitter Sweet Symphony / The Drugs Don’t Work / Come On

* BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY – “I’m heard this a million times from one day to the next…”

* THE DRUGS DON’T WORK – heavy-hearted and melancholic tristesse that touches the soul…

* COME ONsmashing psych jam as knockout album closer

Masterpiece in full…

THE VERVE: Facebook – Biography – Discography

Absolutely great to see charismatic frontman Richard Aschcroft (again) at the start of this month playing several Urban Hymns in Belgium (Crammerrock, 1 September 2017)…

(photos: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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