THE LIMINANAS feat. ANTON NEWCOMBE – New Pounding Single ‘ISTANBUL IS SLEEPY’ Will Make Your Heart Beat Much Faster…

‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ by The Limiñanas feat. Anton Newcombe

The awesome French duo The Limiñanas, the Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin of sensual psychedelia, are back with a brand new cracker featuring psychotropic guru and mind-expanding sonic expert Anton Newcombe on vocals. Wow! A stunning combination! ‘Istanbul Is Sleepy’ gets you by the throat as soon as Marie hits her drum. Once again her irresistible, repetitive, rhythmic banging is the throbbing heartbeat. On top of the ongoing droning groove comes Newcombe‘s characteristic and intriguing voice giving the track a hypnotic and gloomy swagger. This stupendous jam will end up way high in my end-of-the year list. Here’s the striking knockout visualized in a cool clip. Play it on repeat, it’s much better and much cheaper than therapy…

The Limiñanas:  Facebook – Website
Anton Newcombe: Website BJM – Facebook

Brand new 4-track ‘Istanbul is Sleepy’ EP will be out 17 November

Electrifying collaboration…

Mean machine…

Magnetic heartbeats…

The Limiñanas last year in Brussels – incredibly steamy experience…

(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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