Fresh Duo ‘WORLDS’ Will Brighten Your Weekend With Some ‘GOOD SHIT’…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…



Who: a fresh musical partnership with Erica Driscoll (from Blondfire) and
Anthony Polcino (aka Antoine Diligent)

Track: GOOD SHIT – their debut single

Story: Erica revealed how the song was born: “The whole ‘Good Shit’ thing started when
we were about to write a new song together and actually hadn’t played a note of music yet. Anthony asked me what we should call this song and I blurted out, “Good Shit”, half joking around. He was like, “actually… yeah, let’s do that.” Once we had the title, the story and music all came together so fast. Pretty much like all the music we’ve been making together. We’re just having fun and going with what feels good, then we kind of magically have a new song.”

Score: This is how legendary 60s duo Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood would sound today. Dancey, seductive, playful and as alluring as back then. Trust me, this highly catchy electro pop groove will make you smile and feel funky all day long. Good shit indeed. Here we go…

WORLDS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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