Anniversary Albums – How PIXIES Changed Noise Rock Drastically 30 Years Ago With ‘COME ON PILGRIM’…

Going back in sonic history…

27 September 2017


Album: COME ON PILGRIM – the noiseniks’ 8-track mini debut LP / maxi EP

Released in the UK: 27 September 1987 – 30 years ago / in the US it was, weirdly enough, only released in August of the following year…

Note: The record was named after the line ‘C’mon pilgrim, you know He loves you‘ from the song ‘Watch What You’re Doing’ by Christian rock singer Larry Norman. The band used the line also in the EP’s last track ‘Levitate Me‘…

All Music wrote: “Amazingly, the Pixies’ 1987 debut EP ‘Come on Pilgrim’ was compiled from the quickly, inexpensively made demo tape, paid for by Black Francis’ dad. The band recorded
it at Boston’s legendary ‘Fort Apache’ studio soon after they formed. 4AD was so taken with the tape that they released eight of the songs as this mini-album. The label was very impressed with the group’s sound: Francis’ unearthly shriek of a voice, David Lovering’s propulsive drumming, Joey Santiago’s insistent, prickly guitar playing, and Kim Deal’s sugar-and-sandpaper vocals and steady basslines. Most importantly, the EP introduces the spooky, theatrical vision the group brought to their simple guitar-bass-drums line-up. And Francis’ lyrical fetishes for sex, death, and religion and his twisted sense of humor crop up on every track. An electrifying debut.
Raw, vibrant, and engaging as the day it was recorded…”

Turn Up The Volume!: says: I guess many of you know that cracker ‘Cum On Feel the Noize‘ by British 70s glam rockers Slade, well, that’s what I experienced when I heard Pixies for the first time. I FELT THE NOIZE. Agitated, sharp, vociferous, rowdy and mind-boggling scream along N-O-I-S-E. I was hooked instantly…

Here’s that glorious racket

PIXIES: Website – Facebook – Discography

Pleased to meet you – my first (1990) of many Pixies concerts…

WHITE APE Know How To Save This Troubled Planet – Just ‘EAT MORE MEAT’…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

27 September 2017

London‘s wicked garage rockers WHITE APE are back with an ironic, slogan-like, protest wallop. New track EAT MORE MEAT is a biting sneer to our greedy Western society and
its destructive appetite for over-consumption! On second thought killing and eating tasty animals may save the world’s economy in the end. C’mon, let’s get ready, en masse, for the punky chorus. It will make us scream, jump, roar and satisfy our unlimited sobriety. Listen up Morrissey and face the truth: meat is not murder, it’s our salvation…

WHITE APE: Facebook – Twitter

EAT MORE MEAT will be on a compilation album to
celebrate 10 years of Sotones Records. All info here.

THE DISTRICTS – Soul-Stirring Psychedelia Electricity In BRUSSELS Yesterday…

THE DISTRICTS – Botanique, Brussels – 25 September 2017

This passionately charged psych-rock quartet from Pennsylvania released their 3rd LP POPULAR MANIPULATIONS last month. Everything, sound and lyrics, is even more intense, more profound, more anthemic than their first two gripping albums. Give the record time to grow and it’ll capture your heart and soul. If you can catch them on tour don’t hesitate to discover their emotional life force. Yesterday they played Brussels. It was the fourth time I witnessed their incredible stage vitality injected with tons of melancholic psychedelia. At times just irresistibly hypnotizing and the crowd loved every second of it. They get better and louder with every tour. This will give you a snippet of an idea…

And here some pics from yesterday’s flaming performance…






THE DISTRICTS: Website – Facebook

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

The band deserve what they came for to Brussels in the first place: a Kirsh pie…

Anniversary Albums – THE FALL Released The Short But Smithesque ‘ROOM TO LIVE’ Chaos 35 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

26 September 2017


Album: ROOM TO LIVE (Undilutable Slang Truth!) – only 7 tracks

Released: 27 September 1982 – 35 years ago

All Music wrote: “This album marks one of the most inspired periods of the group, the era that produced the masterful ‘Hex Enduction Hour’ and was in part fueled by the political upheaval
in England circa 1982 during the Falklands War. Mark E. Smith is at his very best lyrically when getting riled up against the middle class. ‘Room to Live’ may be a short, sharp stab of chaos, yet it remains undeniably one of the greatest pieces of post-punk genius the group ever recorded.”

Note: The idea was to go in the studio just to record a single but Smith had more songs running around in his wicked brain all of which were new to the band and had not previously been rehearsed or performed live. In accordance with this experimental approach, members were deliberately excluded from certain tracks. Nobody really
knows exactly who played what and when on the final result…

Turn Up The Volume! says: I didn’t play this eccentric pandemonium for ages and I’m stunned how it stood the test of time (doesn’t most of The Fall albums just do?). The man
is an incomparable, impulsive expert in creating highly magnetic trash when and how he wants…

Full Album (#1 – #7 / older songs ‘Fantastical Live‘ and
Lie Dream Of Casino Soul‘ were only on the German pressing)…

THE FALL: Website – Facebook

EMA Ensouled Us All In BRUSSELS With A Most Magnetizing Performance…

EMA – Botanique, Brussels – 24 September 2017

South Dakota’s ERIKA M. ANDERSON aka EMA is one of the most exciting and fascinating alternative solo artists of this decade. After playing in other experimental bands before she decided to go her own wayward way to try to get rid of her many nasty demons. Self-harm, broken relationships, drugs use, loss, her appetite for destruction, painful passion and the cruel side of America, then and now. Musically she turns pop, folk and noise into
a menacing soundtrack that translates the desperate vox of her wounded soul perfectly. From squeaking feedback drones to intimate, yet spooky ballads. Overall her work is dominated by both anger and fear. Yesterday she was in Brussels (again) following the release of her new, third longplayer EXILE IN THE OUTER RING. Subscribed by Pitchfork brilliantly: “Don’t mistake her third album for some ‘understanding Trump’s America’ thinkpiece. It’s a horror movie. It does not have a happy ending.” First single ‘Aryan Nation’ set the tone…

On stage, EMA transfers her razor-sharp reflections and mixed emotions intriguingly, with the help of a solid drummer, a keyboardist/electric violist and her own imposing and hurt voice. This is not a rock concert, this is a mind-expanding and emotional soul experience. Dark, mysterious, captivating and at times amplified with loud and crystal clear vibrations. Here’s an absorbing and compelling artist with an impressive, outspoken personality who shares her thoughts on this troubled planet and her homeland America in particular with
a most hypnotizing, attractive force. Her loyal Belgian fan base, including myself, of course, couldn’t just get enough of her cutting performance. Here are three highlights…

* FIRE WATER AIR LSD (new album)

* BREATHALYZER (new album)

* CALIFORNIA (from 1st album)

New album ‘EXILE IN THE OUTER RING‘ in full…

EMA: Website – Facebook – Discography

Intense and passionate…

Honest and open…

Now you see me, now you don’t…

No soulless typed setlist. This paper has ’emotions’ and ‘humanity’ all written over it…

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)


SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 39…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven shaking strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven thrilling tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Truthless’ by BATS (Perth, Australia)
Led by much-loved Perth musician, Michael Paver, this experienced gang produces here
a highly energetic and impressively electrifying knockout rocker that will blow your socks off, instantly. This avid jam will be on their upcoming debut album ‘Truthless Faithless’

BATS: Facebook –  More BATS on Souncloud

2/ ‘Feel The Noise’ by WILD MEADOWS (Melbourne, Australia)
A fascinating mix of turbulent guitars, heavenly harmonies and a sticky poppy chorus results in bewitching shoegaze electricity. Top stroke! I bet you’ll have this on repeat.

WILD MEADOWS: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Happy Obsolete’ by SUPER CASSETTE (Berkeley, United States)
A 4-piece centered around the guitar & vocal harmonies of twin brothers Max & Nick Gerlock. This electrical pop groove will infiltrate your mind instantly. Funky stuff!
Part of their brand new 6-track EP ‘Cathode Ray Tube’ – discover here on Bandcamp

SUPER CASSETTE: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Is It Me’ by STRANGE HELLOS (Bergen, Norway)
Imagine the legendary The Byrds having an amplified harmonies session with Scottish band
Teenage Fanclub and you’ll have a melancholic post-summer experience all autumn long.

STRANGE HELLOS: Facebook –  Twitter – Label: Brilliance Records

5/ ‘Good Shit’ by WORLDS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Sensual electro debut single from musical partnership of Erica Driscoll (Blondfire) and Anthony Polcino (Antoine Diligent). Trippy, snappy and frisky. A charming little gem.

WORLDS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

6/ ‘Hands Of Relief’ by CHAINSAW EATERS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
The throbbing combination of swirling synths dynamics extra fueled and pushed by relentless drum vivacity turns this electro whirlwind into a flaming dance floor filler…

CHAINSAW EATERS: Facebook – Label: Lush Records

7/ ‘A Rain Will Come’ by THE ANIMAL MOTHERS (Glasgow, Scotland)
A Nirvanesque punk grunge slam that will crush your hangover in 2 minutes. HELL YEAH!

THE ANIMAL MOTHERS: Facebook – Bandcamp

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s PIXIES Going AC/DC…

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

In 2014 PIXIES returned with INDIE CITY, their first album, in 23 years (good news), but it was also the first longplayer without Kim Deal (bad news). Anyway it was great to hear new material from one of the best bands ever in noise history and this dynamite riff hammer BLUE EYED HEXE is one of my faves as I’m almost sure Black Francis said while recording the LP “Fuck Pixies, I want to be in AC/DC“. And we know when Francis has something in mind it happens, so he wrote this hard rock headbanger to impress the Aussies. But in
the end Axl Bloody Rose got the job to replace frontman Brian Johnson. Anyways, to hell with this Blue Monday let’s have a High Voltage Pixies knockout. Here we go…

I went to make the vivisection
Saw the star carved on her chest
Goat of lust, attacking heaven
Points to the gaze of the blue eyed hexe

Blue eyed hexe
Blue eyed hexe
Hexe hexe
Blue eyed hexe

I tried to hide but I was not able
Shirt was opened down to her navel
Felt a burning in my solar plexus
Give me the pow-wow, give me the hexe

Blue eyed hexe
Blue eyed hexe
Hexe hexe
Blue eyed hexe

I called the Nixes from The Queets
Spirits take me through the straits
Closed my eyes to stop her vexing
Still the burning of the blue eyed hexe

Blue eyed hexe
Blue eyed hexe
Hexe hexe
Blue eyed hexe
X 2

I saw Black dreaming about being in AC/DC last August at Lokerse Feesten Festival in Belgium…

PIXIES: Website – Facebook – Pixies

50 Years Ago Immortal Legends THE DOORS Released Second LP ‘STRANGE DAYS’…

Going back in sonic history…

24 September 2017



Released: 25 September 1967 – 50 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote back then: “As was strongly hinted in their first album, The Doors conceive their efforts primarily in terms of drama rather than in terms of music. The music
is not meant to be particularly virtuoso or experimental. It is played to be dramatically meaningful. Before they formed as a group, The Doors were, individually, students at the
UCLA drama school. Music is very sensual and it is particularly obvious in rock and roll. Morrison is just not making any bones about it. He’s just doing what comes naturally.
One must think of the Doors in a theatrical rather than a musical way. Their whole album, individual songs and especially the final track are constructed in the five parts of tragedy.
Like Greek drama, you know when the music’s over because there is catharsis. And, as The Doors suggest in their closing song, “When the Music’s Over,” you “turn out the light.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Still today this and all their other albums touch and move me like no other bands/artists did/do. Always attractively dark and dangerous, controversy fueled, intriguingly mysterious, yet highly accessible, no special effects, just aiming at your mind and your soul with a – to my ears – never aging, genuinely basic, yet unique and magical sound injected with, that indispensable impactful part of course: the immortal, charismatic frontman’s incomparable voice, passionate performances and doped intensity. The Doors still hit me like a flamboyant rock and soul band with a 60s punk spirit (we do it our and only our way) – sonically and lyrically. Imperishable and peerless…

Three Top Tracks : I know I picked probably the most obvious crackers, but hey,
these are 3 unavoidable, solid gold masterstrokes. Here we go…

* LOVE ME TWO TIMESstill incredibly catching, sultry and 100% pure Doors

* PEOPLE ARE STRANGE best way to describe mankind I guess

* WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVERlive 1968 – extended magnum opus jam

Full album…

THE DOORS: Website – Facebook – Discography

Just released to celebrate STRANGE DAYS’ 50th birthday:
THE DOORS – The Singles – B-sides & rarities.  Info here.