These Soldiers From The Future Will Change Your World Today – Here’s… MOVIESTAR

Vibrations that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

3 October 2017


Home: Oslo, Norway

Who: Infinity Vik, Anaconda and The Octupus Goddess.

Mission: “From the ashes of the metal wars rose a new breed of musicians. They swore to protect and serve all things sacred in music. They were soldiers from the future, traveling back in time to change the course of mankind for the better. They fought with swords held high in hand! They were undefeatable! They were MOVIESTAR! The legacy begins NOW!”


What the soldiers say: “This song is about stupid people on earth, and how we deal with them. When we in ‘Moviestar’ came through the wormhole, we were shocked to see how badly people treated the earth and each other. We realised that people just don’t care! In the future all the politicians and presidents that lead the nations are sheep-herders that take care of the land. We were shocked to discover that current power-hungry leaders give nothing back to the land. Stupid leaders create stupid people and vice versa. We were also disappointed to discover that there had been no prophecies about our arrival, so we had to make this important song which is an official complaint to the people! At the same time, we celebrate our own arrival of ourselves.”

Turn Up The Volume says: What a find! It’s a mind-pleasing relief to see/hear something else than just another rock band who take themselves serious and swear they will kick ass and start a revolution just after they signed a big album deal with a greedy, corporate record label. This trio’s razor-sharp view on humanity is brilliantly injected with what we need so desperately: humour and entertaining irony. With their kooky look and ironic identity they will be hard to sell around the globe by gluttonous marketing sharks, but I’m sure MOVIESTAR doesn’t give a flying fuck as long as they can do what they do, the way they do and make ‘Stupid People’ feel uncomfortable with awesome jams like this kind of barbed wire glam rock rap…

MOVIESTAR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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