PRIMAL SCREAM Released Their Psych Pop Debut ‘SONIC FLOWER GROOVE’ 30 Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history…

5 October 2017


Album: SONIC FLOWER GROOVE – their debut LP

Released: 5 October 1987 – 30 years ago today

Press reviews: one magazine called it “a real gem of a debut album”, another one said
“it’s the sound of a band that didn’t quite know exactly what to do yet..”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Oh yes, I know, some critics said it was ‘The Byrds Revisited’. And they were partly right. The Scream was indeed richly influenced by the best 60s psych pop vibrations (not only The Byrds) just like about a million other bands were and still are inspired by that glorious era. But they didn’t just copy/paste the most inventive decade in music history No, they added an electrifying 80s romantic electricity and their firstborn definitely revealed the group’s intrinsic songwriting potential. Also, I’m quite sure ‘The Stone Roses’ played this record on repeat before starting their own flamboyant career (close your eyes and listen to ‘Sonic Sister Love’ , ‘Love You’ and ‘Imperial’ and you’ll understand what I try to stutter here). Despite Primal Scream‘s personnel problems later on, they survived and became one of the most creative/experimental/adventurous forces in the UK’s sonic history…

Dream away, here’s
Nostalgia at its very best…

PRIMAL SCREAM: Website – Facebook – Discography


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