Canadian Four-Piece BRENDA Look Back With Passionate Rollercoaster ‘CHILDREN’…

Home: Toronto, Canada
Track: CHILDREN – lead single from upcoming debut EP – the band reveals the story behind the song: ” On the surface level this could be a song about a friendship, or even a relationship, but go a little deeper and the song is about childhood and what happens when people lose their childlike innocence. Everyone, at some point, wants to escape the trappings
of adulthood and run away to a place where it seems as if time doesn’t exist and age doesn’t matter. This song vacillates between these two states of being. ‘Children’ is about manipulation and the inevitability of growing up…”

Score: With ‘Children’ you can actually FEEL the painful journey of one growing up on this eternally selfish planet. This impressive quietLoudquietLoud slow-mo rollercoaster is driven by angry passion and tormented intensity. A confronting and mind-boggling experience…

BRENDA: Facebook – Bandcamp – Instagram

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