CEREMONY – High-Voltage Dallas Engine Produced ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Decibels In Belgium…

CEREMONY – Kinky Star, Ghent – 11 October 2017

Home: Dallas, Texas
Who: three-piece engine originally formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist John Fedowitz
in 2004. On their FB-page their racket is described as “an outstanding mixture of aggressive, rock and shoe-gaze keeping the spirit of the legendary band ‘SKYWAVE’ (John Fedowitz, Oliver Ackermann, Paul Baker) going.
My experience: from the first chord on the three-piece developed a phenomenal wall-of-deafening-noise that grew louder and louder as the obstreperous gig went on. I just loved the high-voltage powerhouse racket the band managed to produce. Imagine Sonic Youth turning into a boisterous shoegaze steamroller aiming to score the same level of illegal decibels we all know My Bloody Valentine is able to achieve. Yes, it was that POWERFUL
and LOUD. Together, the blitzkrieg hammering of the band’s unstoppable young female drummer and the bashing drone of the bassist resounded like a mental artillery while Fedowitz‘s guitar electricity amplified the ardent havoc even more. To be honest, at times the sound got out of control – read: ‘piercing feedback attacks’ – in a way that many spectators and their ears ran for shelter. Chief Fedowitz didn’t seem to care, as he knew that anybody who walked out could still hear their salvos outside. And where were you, I hear you ask? Well, as an experienced concert junkie I know the best place is just in front of the middle of the stage. That way part of the pandemonium goes over your head and behind your back and you still can go berserk without using embarrassing earplugs. Take notes for the future, ladies and gents…

Here’s an idea of the band’s noisy musings…

* DULL LIFE (from 2012 album ‘Safranin Sounds’)

* THE SUNGLASS GIRL (from their 2013 ‘Distance’ album)…

Picture this…

Pounding sledgehammer

Sweaty bass force…

Oops, frontman Fedowitz lost his way…

More gigs to come in Europe

CEREMONY: Facebook – More ceremonies on Spotify

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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