Friday The 13th Track Of The Day – Here’s MINISTRY…

Friday the 13th October 2017

It’s that scary Friday The 13th again. The day anything can happen you don’t like. The day of the black cat. But most of all the day psycho Jason leaves his underground shelter again and returns to the real world to finish his horrific work. But did you know our dear foe is a big fan of deranged trash noise? Oh, yes, he likes his music extremely loud, mentally sick and deadly catchy! Sounds quite romantic, isn’t it? From reliable sources I recently learned that the monster owns every single record of Chicago‘s legendary noiseniks MINISTRY led by Jason‘s big hero and screwball frontman Al Jourgensen. So in order to please our most famous Friday The 13th psychopath we’ll play his favorite Ministry chainsaw outburst JESUS BUILT MY HOTROD . Lock your windows and doors, turn it up & unleash your dark side…

MINISTRY: Facebook – Twitter


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