LAVA DOLLS – Join ‘THE LUCKY ONES’ And Go Completely Apeshit…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Three-headed Canadian noise monster LAVA DOLLS is a volcanic rock machine with an unstoppable greed for Molotov cocktail riffs, inflammable hooks and slashing drum/bass eruptions. The boiling trio just released new single THE LUCKY ONES. The band explains what the slam is all about ” it’s a schizophrenic party song for the Everyman. A “get up and give ’er” battle cry for those down but not out. It’s quick and dirty, like life. Intended to be played at maximum volume, or at least loud enough to drown the voices in your head”.

Can’t agree more. This nasty sledgehammer is made to start a ‘fight for your right to party’ revolution in your street. Absolutely, here are some hard-rockin’ beastie boys with a full-throated blast. Perfect time to test your lungs’ capacity and have some badass fun, folks…

‘The Lucky Ones’ is available on Bandcamp. It’s the lead track from their upcoming Little Secrets EP, recorded by legendary noise expert Steve Albini. The 5-track EP was canned in less than 4 days with no computers (entirely analog).

LAVA DOLLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter
‘The Lucky Ones’ on Apple Music

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