New York’s THE ROYAL THEY Return With Mind-Crashing Single ‘SLUDGEFUCKER’..

Sonic rippers that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…


23 November 2017

Who: three awesome noiseniks out of The Big Apple…
Track: SLUDGEFUCKER – first dynamite single from sophomore LP ‘Foreign Being
Score: this scalding punk knockout will make your limbs move uncontrollably. Oh, yeah, ‘Sludgefucker‘ is a rambunctious outburst that will nail you to the floor. Messed-up sonic havoc to test your ears’ decibel receptivity and your neighbour’s tolerance limit. Smacking drums, deranged guitars and ‘fuck off‘ vocals. Perfect flare-up to go totally mental to…

THE ROYAL THEY: Facebook – Instagram

FOREIGN BEING – album out 13 January, 2018 – All info here on Bandcamp.

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