All The Way From Indonesia Here’s Fuzzing One-Man Band… GROW RICH

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Ladies and gents, please welcome the first ever Indonesian musician on this blog. After playing in a few Jakarta groups Abdur Rahim Latada aka GROW RICH decided to go solo.
He writes, sings and plays several instruments all by himself – except for the drums- the banging is done by a professional. He finances the whole recording process and is his own promoter and marketer. Don’t expect traditional Indonesian music or related roots vibes, as this talented youngster is influenced by some of the coolest Western motherrockers
on the planet. From the Ramones to Primal Scream and many other rollin’ noiseniks from the past. His debut single CASH TO KYODO shows you exactly where his sonic muse is coming from. The blazing track is about having faith in yourself, working hard and ignoring all negative environmental factors around you in order to achieve your dream. Here’s the cracker sounding like The Jesus and Mary Chain having a voltaic shoegaze jam with Weezer. Press the button and experience the bosting score…

GROW RICH: Facebook –  Twitter

Cash to Kyodo with b-side Cirrus The Virus available here on Bandcamp

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