Shoegaze Dreamers MINIATURES Scintillate With Sensitive Symphony ‘HONEY’…

Sonic vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…


28 November 2017


Who: New Zealand expatriates Ché Walden and Annemarie Duff craft cinematic and emotive soundscapes since 2012. Bassist Chris MacLean makes the trio complete.

Influences: The Sundays, Lush, Cocteau Twins, Ride, Slwodive

Track: HONEY – track from debut album ‘Jessamines

Score: This multi-layered rainbow is a shiny example of what Miniatures is all about. ‘Honey’ radiates glistening elegance, starry-eyed beauty, and invigorating sentiment. Affectionate music to get lost in, atmospheric music to soundtrack your daydreams. Press the button and float away…

MINIATURES: Facebook – Instagram – Label: Saint Marie Records

JESSAMINES – album out now – stream/purchase here on Bandcamp.

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