MODERATE REBELS Release Debut Album ‘THE SOUND OF SECURITY’ – An Astonishing Work Of Magnetic Grimness…

When we can’t get enough of it…

‘The Sound Of Security’ by MODERATE REBELS

Wow! Double wow! Just before 2017 goes to sleep this really magnetizing album landed
on my hungry earphones a couple of hours ago and it’s still twisting my mind at this very moment. This most invigorating, clearly outspoken London four-piece MODERATE REBELSsent by God and playing music for the buzz of it – already caught my attention a few weeks ago with wayward single When The Cost Has No Value. A sharp attack on British foreign politics, a “deadpan roll-call of neologisms” about “a load of overheard pub conversations, squashed into one song”, wrapped in an intriguingly monotone jingle jangle melody with spoken words all over it. Their sonic simplicity stuck instantly as the band’s spellbinding approach towards songwriting reminded me immediately of the The Velvet Underground‘s mojo and addictive appeal. No special effects, no lame studio tricks, no arty farty stuff…

“We’re trying to create conditions where the songs could write themselves with minimum resistance, an automatic writing situation. The point was to remove ourselves, our beliefs
and our intentions as much as possible; to just let it happen. It’s never been about us, we
want to make music that aims at being more important than that.”

Mind you, THE SOUND OF SECURITY is far richer than the group modestly claim. From ongoing Krautrockin’ motorik grooves (God Sent Us / Liberate) to mesmerizing harmonies loaded psych pop pearls (I’m Feeling The Deep State / Rename Rebrand) and some gloomy instrumental electricity in between (like VU drone ‘Fana’ and the piano driven ‘Wei Wu Wei‘). Lyrically, overall, the color is grim, the color is 2017, the color is NOW. But Moderate Rebels turn our doom-laden reality into a highly bewitching experience. Wow! Double wow! Time to listen again as new discoveries pop up with every spin. Here we go…

MODERATE REBELS: Twitter – LP also avalaible on ‘Everyday Life Recordings’

Your new favorite rebels…

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