JOHNNY MARR And Actress MAXINE PEAKE Join For A Remarkable Collaboration – Here’s ‘THE PRIEST’…

12 December 2017

Photo: PR

Guitar legend JOHNNY MARR and British award-winning actor MAXINE PEAKE joined forces for a notable collaboration. A truly touching song, called THE PRIEST, about the experiences of a homeless person in Edinburgh who started writing a diary for The Big Issue, an UK award-winning magazine offering employment opportunities to people
in poverty. You can read fragments of it here. Peake‘s spoken word vocals all over an instrumental soundscape by the ex-Smith is just gripping. The accompanying short
film was shot in Manchester and features young English actress Molly Windsor in the
lead role…

Johnny Marr said in a press statement: “I wanted to do something different and I thought of asking Maxine to collaborate having been a fan of her work. We started a creative process that clicked and culminated in ‘The Priest’, a song and short film inspired by a facet of modern life
as we see it and feel it.”
The duo had an interview about the project with The Guardian.

THE BIG ISSUE: Website – Facebook

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