10 Major-League Albums Turning 30 in 2018!…

Ten big ones celebrating their
30th birthday next year!

1/ ‘If I Should Fall From Grace With God’ by THE POGUES
NME wrote: “The Pogues have given us a thing of beauty, the
bleakest of masterpieces which will find few equals in 1988”

Released: 18 January 1988 – their 3rd album
Listen here

2/ ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back’ by PUBLIC ENEMY
Melody Maker: “It wasn’t just a new sound,
a discovery. It was like being struck by a meteor.”

Released: 18 June 1988 – 2nd longplayer
Listen here

All Music wrote: “Nick Cave and company took their striking musical
fusions to deeper and higher levels all around, with fantastic consequences.”

Released: 19 September 1988 – 5th LP
Listen here

4/ ‘Green’ by R.E.M.
Rolling Stone wrote: “R.E.M. may be dangerously close to becoming
a conventional rock & roll band, but Green proves it’s a damn good one.”

Released: 7 November 1988 – their sixth longplayer
Listen here

5/ ‘Bug’ by DINOSAUR JR.
All Music: “The majority of the LP is firmly situated in the sprawling, noisy metallic fusion of hard rock & avant noise, but also demonstrates that Mascis has talent for winding folk-rock.”
Released: 31 October 1988 – their 3rd album
Listen here

6/ ‘Daydream Nation’ by SONIC YOUTH
Rolling Stone: “The definitive American guitar band
of the Eighties at the height of its powers and prescience”

Released: 18 October 1988 – fifth LP
Listen here

7/ ‘Life’s Too Good’ by THE SUGARCUBES
All Music: “With strong songs built around Björk’s piercing,
striking voice, this record lived up to all the advance hype.”

Released: April 1988 – debut album
Listen here

8/ ‘Bummed’ by HAPPY MONDAYS
Q : “This LP continues the band’s warped version of Northern Soul rhythms, with stabbing guitars and Hammond organs, wayward sequencers, a dislocated rhythm section & a surly sardonic vocalist “
Released: November 1988 – 2nd LP
Listen here

9/ ‘Irish Heartbeat’ by VAN MORRISON and THE CHIEFTAINS
Melody Maker: “A bloody considerable marvel
having awakened Van Morrison’s roisterous spirit”

Released: 20 June 1988 – Van The Man’s 18th album
Listen here

10/ ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ by THE WATERBOYS
All Music: “Although the arena-rock influences have been toned down, Scott’s vision is no less sweeping or romantic, making even the simplest songs on “Fisherman’s Blues” feel like epics.”
Released: 17 October 1988 – 4th longplayer
Listen here

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