DINOSAUR JR. Released 2nd Album ‘YOU’RE LIVING ALL OVER ME’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

13 December 1972


Album: YOU’RE LIVING ALL OVER ME – their fifth LP

Released: 14 December 1987 – 30 years ago

Stereogum said: “The second Dinosaur Jr. record is the apex of the first iteration of
the Mascis-Barlow union, with Barlow playing an exaggerated second banana role, often shrieking discordantly over Mascis’s laconic delivery on such classic tracks as the opener
‘Little Fury Things.’ Barlow’s anarchic utterances are at once exhilarating and disquieting.
When his full-on ‘Plastic Ono Band’ guttural freak-out occurs over the last verse of ‘In A Jar’,
it is difficult to know exactly what to feel. It is both disjunction and deliverance. This great collection of songs is as compelling as it is challenging. It notably contains Barlow’s Sebadoh precursor, the psychedelic music-concrète adventure ‘Poledo’, which provides a welcome
respite to Mascis’s bilious songs of suffering. A brilliant album by a young band finding
their way toward genius.”

My score: still their BEST achievement to my ears…

Three Top Tracks: Just Like Heaven / Little Furry Things / Sludgefest

* JUST LIKE HEAVENone word: classic

* LITTLE FURY THINGS deranged electricity

* SLUDGEFESThigh-voltage fuzz fest

Album in full…

DINOSAUR JR. : Website – Facebook – Discography

Don’t worry, be happy…

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