THE PEARL HARTS – Everybody Is Or Can Be Cool Badass ‘LARA’…


London‘s solid striking female duo THE PEARL HARTS
is back with new shivering single LARA. The ladies
explain here who’s that character Lara actually is…

‘Lara represents the duality of Women in the 21st Century, their traditional feminine side,
for example, putting on make-up can directly encounter their harder side, for example, eating
chips messily in a kebab shop, or running riot in the streets. Everyone is, or can be Lara, people should be able to relate to her, want to be her or see her as a friend of theirs already. She is cool, badass and fearless.”

Now let’s hear how ‘Lara’ sounds: impetuous, mighty and confident.
She kicks and hits, she rocks and rolls like the best. Meet her here…

THE PEARL HARTS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Debut album ‘GLITTER AND SPIT‘ coming soon. Info here on PledgeMusic

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