Boston’s Soundscape Addicts DYR FASER Say Goodbye To 2017 With New 4-Track EP ‘HAUNTINGLY BEYOND’…

Vibrations that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

19 December 2017

Followers of DYR FASER know that this Boston band is actually Eric Boomhower‘s project who makes music with changing, yet like-minded sound explorers. For this brand new
4-track EP titled ‘HAUNTINGLY BEYOND’ he worked with singer/songwriter and guitarist Amelia May who also created the intriguingly beautiful horses painting for the cover sleeve. Boomhower‘s strength, to my ears, is about turning the sheer power of sonic repetition into mind-pleasing experiences. Why try to stuff one track with multiple, complex, arty farty grooves when you can activate people’s phantasy with just a few trippy resonances on repeat that feel like a never-ending massage. It’s all about the right vibe, the right hook and the right riff to create an ongoing relaxing spirituality. There are plenty of electrical, blue-sky musings here, including striking vocals – especially on Deep Well – taking the final result to another hauntingly intense level. Discover the radiant nightdreams here…

DYR FASER: Facebook – Twitter

The ‘Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra’ of psychedelic, 21st century ballades…

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