Hellish 2017 Xmas Q & A With Garage Hot Rods… DEATH VALLEY GIRLS


Here’s my interview with steamy all-female garage gang DEATH VALLLEY GIRLS wich I did for my American fellow music junkies at 50THIRDAND3RD a couple of weeks ago…


“Everybody’s gotta be in a gang…”

Calling Los Angeles’ sonic inferno DEATH VALLEY GIRLS an extraordinary force is a lame understatement. The following description details far better what this awesome unit is truly about: “an acid-tripping science experiment that’s been buried alive, and resurrected as a sexually liberated dystopian chain-gang.” Fronted by the charismatic Bonnie Bloomgarden
this 4-headed squad produces garage punk ecstasy to go bananas to. Doom punk boogie
to set fire to in underground discotheques. Flaming havoc for straitjacket psychos, thirsty bloodsuckers and horror junkies. They have otherworldly friends, living in another galaxy,
who write all their boiling crackers for them. They prefer Halloween to Christmas. They are utterly cool and they agreed to leave their cave to talk to 50thirdand3rd. Wham Big Bang!
Let’s have some firing foreplay with this steamy live footage…

I guess we’re all ready now for the Xmas interview with Death Valley Girls!
Release the bats…

The seeds of the band germinated within the walls
of a mental institution. Fake or real fact?

DVG: “Fact. Mental institution and rehab. The band formed in 2013 after we all met at therapy and through mutual friends. We played our first show 4 months later.”

So happy together in therapy…

‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’ named themselves after Marlon Brando’s motorcyle gang in 1953’s movie ‘The Wild One’. Any idea if a leathern ‘Death Valley Girls’ movie gang ever existed?
DVG: “No such movie gang existed but we did take some inspiration from the gang in the movie Switchblade Sisters “The Jezebels”. The name is inspired by our Southern California home, Death Valley & Valley Girls signify both the darkness and light of California. Death Valley is beautiful but nothing can survive out there. The stereotypical California Valley Girls were much cooler in real life than depicted in movies. Cherie Currie from The Runaways was a Valley girl, she got out and joined a rock n’ roll band cause nobody wants to stay and die in the valley either.”

Spiritual sisters ‘The Jezebels’

Is the band an alibi to get rid of nasty demons in public and
go bananas on stage or were you all born to be wild?

DVG: “Born to be wild but the stage is a good place to exorcise those demons!”

Why is ‘black’ such a cool rock ‘n’ roll color?
DVG: “It just is! Black is the color of night, Black leather jackets,
Black boots, Black Sabbath…”

Who’s the alien in the band pictured on last year’s
burning album ‘GLOW IN THE DARK’?

DVG: “The girl is a freedom fighter! Our interest in aliens perhaps comes from the fact that “somebody” somewhere creates all songs and art! We are merely conduits of music that already exists in the ethos. We are eager to learn more about all spirits and entities, it’s perfectly natural!”

Since the release of the new record the band toured extensively. How do
you trigger yourselves every night to generate that amount of energy?
DVG: “Tequila & Red Bull! Listening to Iggy helps too!”

Tequila & Red Bull work perfectly..

When I look at the clip for ‘Disco’, my favorite cracker on the LP, it looks
like ‘Saturday Night Fever’ on a gory dance floor. Should we be scared?

DVG: The video was filmed on Super 8 by Kansas Bowling. We had LA radio legend Rodney Bingenheimer play himself Djing at his old 70’s glam club Rodney’s English Disco. No real storyline or plot here, just like all the best low budget horror movies, just one of our bandmates killing all the people at the disco, a disco blood bath!”

Freddy Krueger or Micheal Meyers?
DVG: Micheal Meyers, cause he’s real! We’ve been to his house in Pasadena too!”

Best horror movie ever?
DVG: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Classic killer stuff…

The worst Xmas song ever?
DVG: “Deck the halls” – the worst … but “Christmas with the devil” – the best”

Will you have a cozy family diner on Christmas Day or lying in bed
with a hangover from the night before?

DVG “We’ll be in the studio recording new music!”

Worst Xmas present you ever got?
DVG: “We can’t be mean to presents!”

Christmas season: nostalgic tradition or greedy business?
DVG: “A tradition of greedy business! We prefer Halloween!”

This looks more like DVG’s fav Santa…

Why is it that humans, in general, aren’t capable of living in harmony and with respect for each other, even after more than 2000 years?“
DVG: “Religion.”

How does it feel to be a woman in a country of a sexist President?
DVG-: “Can not wait til 2020.”

Prick of the year?
DVG: “Donald Trump.”

Hero(ine) of 2017
DVG: “Iggy.”

If you could travel in time what artist would you look for to jam with?
DVG: ‘Mo Tucker (legendary drummer of The Velvet Underground) cause
she always played the perfect beat.”

Joan Jett or Cherie Currie?
DVG= “Joan cause she never stopped playing rock n’ roll, inspiring.”

The Cramps or The Stooges?
DVG: “Tough one, but we have to go with The Stooges here and
without The Stooges we wouldn’t have The Cramps, thank you for everything Iggy!”

No Stooges, No Cramps…

Vinyl, cassette or compact disc?
DVG: “Vinyl.”

Best album of the year?
DVG: ” ‘Introduction to Escape-ism‘ by Escape-ism.”

Best track of 2017?
DVG” ‘Almost No One (Can Have My Love)’ by Escape-ism.”

The song that made you cry this past year?
DVG: Two songs: Iggy singing “Lust For Life” at Desert Daze & Roky Erickson singing
“You’re Gonna Miss Me” with all of us on stage the last night of tour with Roky.”

Hail hail, Roky…

Any new ‘Death Valley Girls’ music in the pipeline for the new year?
DVG: “Yes, new album!”

The band’s wishes for 2018?
DVG: “Tour, tour, tour… and peace on earth too!”

Tour, tour, tour…

Many thanks for this glowing jingle bells interview. May the road rise with DEATH VALLEY GIRLS. I don’t know about you, folks, but I need some DVG injection; right now, right here…

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Facebook – Twitter – DVG on iTunes

To all people of evil will… have a Happy Chainsaw Xmas!…

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